Quick and Easy Crochet Hat



Make 90 chain

ROW 1(RS): Miss 3 ch, *I tr in next chain; rep from * to end. 87 sts.

without twisting or turning the work, join with ss to top ch of 3 ch to make a ring.

Now work in rounds with RS facing.

ROUND 1: 3 ch, *1 tr in next tr; rep from * ending with ss to top chain of 3 ch.

Rep Round 1 until a total of 20 rounds have been completed


Join ends of first row.

Lay hat flat, RS out, with back join to centre. Pin the folds at each side. Refold with back join to one side and pin these outer folds. The four folds should make a cross shape at the top. Starting at the outside edge, join each fold with a row of dc worked through both layers.

Make 4 pompons and sew one to each corner of the hat top.

On the lower edge, add a shell trim using red . Turn back the hat egde.

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3 Responses to Quick and Easy Crochet Hat

  1. sangeeta says:

    Lovely hat for the cute bear .
    I liked the four pom poms , n the color combination ….. red n blue like hot n cold happy together.


  2. Hookein says:

    Nice hat…do you knit as well?


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