Radha-Krishna Madhubani Painting

Via Flickr:By Shreeya
Completed on 24 April 2011
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5 Responses to Radha-Krishna Madhubani Painting

  1. sangeeta says:

    Very nice….
    So this was keeping you busy 🙂
    der aayad durust aayad 🙂


  2. spice says:

    nice painting Amrita


  3. Deepa says:

    This is great!!!


  4. avinash bajpai says:

    is it ur creation..

    i also have one enthusiasst in my family who is creating it on sari for last 6 months and still to be completed…good old culture to preserve and enjoy authentic ethnicity….


    • Amrita says:

      This was done by my daughter as part of a school project 🙂 I had done a few paintings a few years ago and I had gifted them away at that time.
      Doing it on a saree is a big project!!! no wonder it is taking more than 6 months to complete.
      But hats of to the zeal and enthusiasm to create something handmade 🙂


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