Red doily

Red doily

Red Doily

Pattern from “MY CROCHET LACES”

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10 Responses to Red doily

  1. Lovely . Very neat intricate design.


  2. I LOVE this! It looks so good in red. Not a boring old doily!!!


  3. Amrita says:

    Thank you Sangeeta and Fruitful Fusion 🙂 I am glad that you liked it 🙂


  4. Umm Mymoonah says:

    Beautiful work, looks lovely.


  5. Pearlin says:

    ooo its Beautiful!!


  6. Pradeepa says:

    Wow, this is gorgeous. Now I remember, even I started a similar one very long time back. It was also red and the pattern I think was also similar but I don’t remember exactly. I could not complete the doily and now I don’t know where I put it. I have to look for it and try to complete it.


  7. Ninu says:

    the colour is gorgeous!!


  8. francesandsophia says:

    This looks wonderfully complicated.


  9. yolanda salazar says:

    Esta muy linda


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