Something Fishy Sweater for a Toddler


For the last few months, my sister’s 2 year old son has been regaling us with his own unique rendition of the poem “Machli jal ki rani hai”.
This sweater is a fitting tribute to the timeless and simple poem that has fascinated each and every Hindi speaking little one for generations. Do you know of any Hindi speaking person who has not heard of this nursery rhyme? 🙂 🙂 🙂

मछली जल की रानी है
जीवन उसका पानी है
हाथ लगाओगे तो डर जायेगी
बाहर निकालोगे तो मर जायेगी
पानी में डालोगे तो जी जायेगी
सारा पानी पी जायेगी

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4 Responses to Something Fishy Sweater for a Toddler

  1. Kalyan says:

    Simply beautiful…lovely work!


  2. Beautiful!! Your own pattern? You should write it down .


  3. Amrita says:

    Kalyan and Deepa, I am glad that you liked this sweater. Thanks for the appreciation 🙂


  4. How did i miss this one? I love anything with aquarium theme…Bright colors make this sweater beautiful. Liked the neatness too.


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