Strawberry Patch Cardigan

I had been knitting like a woman possessed the last few months… so much so that forget about updating the blog here with my latest projects, I totally forgot to click the photographs of my knitting 😦
Am I crazy or am I crazy????
There are so many projects lined up that as soon as I finish one i am in a hurry to start the next one…. pausing long enough to click a photograph was not possible for me in that state 🙂 although I wanted to… but I just told myself that let me just finish the next project and then i will click them both together …and this went on and on and on 😦
Nothing wrong in this attitude perse…but it only resulted in an eerie silence on the blog.
so here is an attempt to rectify this folly and had to dig up my old clothes chest to excavate this sweater and click photographs to share with you all:) This is because whatever I had knitted this year… I have already gifted them away 🙂 So now i have to ask my sister and my brother to send me photographs of the knitted items i have gifted to there kids.

Presenting before you my daughter’s favourite cardigan 🙂 🙂 🙂
I had knit this way back in 2004


She liked it so much that she could not even wait for me to complete it.
Yep!! this cardigan is very much unfinished still.
Actually I had wanted to make it a FULL SLEEVED cardigan. But she can hardly wait for me to knit the sleeves and she has started wearing it already 🙂

She loved the strawberry motif anf totally flipped over the cute little strawberry buttons 🙂

Pattern courtesy: Strawberry Patch Cardigan by Lion Brand Yarn

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2 Responses to Strawberry Patch Cardigan

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  2. I want that cardigan …am sure Shreeya wont mind it 🙂
    waiting for those pictures of the little sweaters you knitted for your niece 🙂


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