Henna Doodle

I can surely say this… I have taken to Doodling like a hen to water 🙂 🙂
I have been doodling away to glory recently but have not been able to share it all with you because of the reason mentioned in my last post here.

2012 030

I hope you all like the one here I am sharing today. I do wish that I had used brighter coloures though This doesn’t look quite as photogenic as I was expecting it to be. 😦

My doodling is still all experimental. I am never sure what I am going to draw and how it is going to end up. That’s the reason why not all end results have been satisfactory. But the process, nevertheless has been quite satisfying and satisfactory 🙂

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5 Responses to Henna Doodle

  1. Loving it. So neatly done and bright also.
    I find it very meditative, have to start again.


  2. Anupama says:

    Quite Nice. Must have taken a lot of time.. but its so entertaining, that one hardly notices anything else.



  3. Pradeepa says:

    Love it. Amazing work!


  4. Fiona Bloder says:


    I think this drawing is fantastic, even the colours. Can you please tell me what markers you used for this along with the type of paper.

    Your assistance would be greatly appreciated.

    Thank you.


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