Full Circle: Endings and New Beginnings

After many false starts and much frogging, I managed to recreate the Luna Lovegood scarf reasonably close to the actual scarf worn in the movie.

My daughter, Shreeya,  who had ‘commissioned’ this scarf ,  is pleasantly satisfied with the final product. 🙂  🙂  🙂

And it is a truth universally acknowledged that a happy customer makes a happy and enthused crocheter 🙂

Thus enthused and motivated, I have plunged right into as many as three projects simultaneously, and one of them is my first ever crochet blanket.

I would have crocheted a blanket years ago, if only I could pick up that one pattern from  so many gorgeous patterns on the net.  I have tried but failed miserably to narrow down my choice to one blanket! I wished to crochet so many of them!!! I still do and surely, some years into the future, I  will have crocheted as many blankets as my heart desires. But to reach that Eldorado, the first step  should be taken right now DSC08182

So, the first ever blanket is under way 🙂

This, too, is commissioned by my Fan-girl geeky daughter.

She wanted me to crochet something like this from Big Bang Theory. I was still toying with this idea, figuring out the pattern, selecting the yarn and calculating the amount of yarn required in various colours when I saw this on Ravelry . As Shreeya’s latest craze is Doctor Who, this appealed to her immensely and thus was decided the pattern for my first blanket ever.

This blanket is done in tapestry crochet and unfortunately, I was not confident enough about this technique as my earlier attempt at this though successful, ha
d been quite time consuming. Instead, I plan to crochet the blanket in single crochet and then embroider the black vertical lines over it. I will still have to use tapestry crochet technique for the white windows, but I guess that should be manageable.

So lets see now, where this crocheted T.A.R.D.I.S. of mine will take me. 🙂

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2 Responses to Full Circle: Endings and New Beginnings

  1. Wow. The scarf has turned out beautiful and lacy and you have a lot of patience I must day 🙂
    And this blanket is another wow. Please show the detailing I am dying to see it.

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    • Amrita says:

      Thanks a lot, Sangeeta💝💝💝
      When it comes to knitting or crochet, patience is certainly not a problem with me if and when I can find the project that appeals to me. And much to my surprise, just what might also to me at any given time is becoming totally unpredictable with age. 😝😝😝
      The blanket at present is just a blue rectangle. Presently, it had been put on hold because certain other smaller projects were vying for attention. So better to get them out of the way quickly and then tackle this one, I thought.
      I had omitted to put up the picture of what the blanket is supposed to look like. I’ll put is up now😎


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