A severe case of Start-itis


I was in remarkably high spirits at the time I posted my last blog.

But, soon afterwards, I became afflicted with a severe case of Start-itis. This malady affects knitters. The symptom is casting on one project after another in a fit on excitement with no thought what so ever on how and when one is going to finish them

So, as a result of coming down with Start-itis, instead of continuing to work on the TARDIS blanket, I started two shawls and a scarf within the space of 15-20 days. Now, there was a very valid logic behind starting each one of these projects.

This garter stitch shawl was started because it was, well, a garter stitch shawl;)
I spend a lot of time in commutes and meetings, which can be, at times,  quite tiring, monotonous and frustrating . So, to maintain my sanity, I have to have a simple knitting project which I can just grab and go when ever I step out. This need was fulfilled by the TARDIS blanket for a while but soon it became too cumbersome to carry around. That was when I started this Garter Ripple shawl.

Few days later, I started this shawl.


This was  intended to be gift and was, therefore, required to be completed by a certain date. So, cast on I did and started work on it at my leisure hours at home.

So far so good.

Now, one fine day in November, my nerd of a daughter, Shreeya, demanded that I knit a Hufflepuff scarf for her.So, off I went yarn shopping and bought yarn for not only the Hufflepuff scarf but Grifindor scarf as well. In this process, quite a few more balls of yarn found there way into my shopping bag 😉 and I came home as happy as an addict after her fix. I also, bought a set 40cm Circular BAMBOO KNITTING NEEDLES specially for this scarf.

At that time, I was  making negligible progress on a blanket and 2 shawls already working on. But it was difficult to resist this project, afflicted as I already was with Start-itis 😉 This happens to be a simple enough scarf for a beginner knit as a tube entirely  in stockinette stitch. My plan was to cast this on and then hand it over to Shreeya to knit it herself as I presumed that  her desire to have this scarf would motivate her to keep knitting. But sadly this was not to be. This kept languishing in the corner for weeks, much to my consternation, this turned out to be a rather daunting task for her. I caved in to her pleadings to complete it “quickly” because she “really really really want to wear this scarf to school” By this time, I had completed my Garter Ripple Shawl. So this scarf filled in my need for the on-the-go project.


After this, I went on a strict yarn diet and successfully quelled my desire to shop for more yarn and start new projects before I have finished these . One by one, each one of these got completed and I must say, the satisfaction of completing a project far surpasses the excitement of starting new ones. It is totally worth its while to stick to a project and bring it to fruition.

So things are under comtrol now. Only the TARDIS blanket is crying for attention from that sad corner where was dumped 3 months ago. I will now go and pick it up once again….soon sfter I have completed the Hermione hearts Ron cap…. and the green socks…..and the mary jane socks…and the Griffindor scarf…and the teal socks and the pink socks……

These are real quick projects, you see…..

I’ll finish them up in no time at all…. Promise!

And then I will be able to focus entirely on the blanket. This way I will not only get more knitting done but I will get more knitting done more quickly.










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