Chevron Lace Scarf

DSC08135These days crochet seems to have dethroned knitting from my heart. 🙂 🙂

I still drool over awesome knitting projects while surfing the net, but when it comes to finally sitting down and starting something,I find myself invariably and surprisingly leaning towards crochet.



I have always liked knitting and embroidery, but crochet was never a top favourite until I started doing thread crochet just a few years ago. Much to my surprise, I was hooked! Pun intended.

I do get withdrawal symptoms for knitting though 😉



The pattern was easy and fun. Only modification I have made is that I have added a single crochet border all around the scarf and I did not join the ends I did not want an infinity scarf.


Chevron Lace Infinity Scarf  by Tamara Kelly

200 gms DK weight Yarn

J. Sagar Secretary General

  • Colorway 72 -100 gms
  • Colorway 191-100 gms

Hook 4.50 mm

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Resistance is Futile!

When you gotta knit, you gotta knit. Period.

Hard core crocheters might take umbrage. So I might as well apologize for my folly.  I use one common verb ‘knit’ for both crafts, knitting and crochet. Why? you might ask. This I might explain in some other post. But right now I was saying…….

When you gotta knit, you gotta knit. Period.

This morning, there are, literally, innumerable things that I need to do, fewt hings that I should be doing and even a couple of things that I just have to get done today so as to avert trouble later. But no amount of rationale is able to divert me from crocheting this scarf today 🙂

luna-lovegood-and-cho-chang-galleryOn my daughter’s request, I am trying to crochet a scarf similar to the worn by Luna Lovegood in the Harry Potter movie, Prisoner of Azkaban.

I found the pattern by Jen Valure to be the closest thing to the real and happily started off , confident that this is, at best, a weekend project. In fact, I just might even get it done in a single day, if I am not distracted.DSC08140

But things did not go as planned and after a couple of rows later, I had to rip it all up, as it turned out to be waaaaay too long for my daughter. 😦 😦 😦

So to scale it down, I  worked out the pattern repeat and did a rough chart as I am more a more confident crocheter  when I can ‘see’ what I am supposed to create rather than ‘read’. So I charted and then did a pattern swatch yesterday.

Now, I am good to go, I thought, and once again started off quite enthusiastically 🙂


But try as I might, I cannot desist from referring to  the actual scarf repeatedly as I am increasingly getting obsessed with the idea of crocheting a scarf as close to the real thing as possible. This is now compelling me to rip it all up and start afresh with the ideas in my mind 😦 I am unable to function logically until I do this.

So, I might as well put everything else, however urgent it might be, on the back burner today and concentrate on this pattern. Because as asserted by wise Borg in Star Trek and The mighty Vogon in The Hitchhiker’s Guide to the Galaxy-

Resistance is futile 🙂 🙂 🙂 🙂

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Purple Cable and Fair Isle Leggings

Winter has finally arrived in Delhi, much to the delight to the Delhi Knitters. There is a definite nip in the air and its time to don your woolens. It is, also, time to get as much knitting done as possible. Because winter will be gone from Delhi before you know it.

Let’s hurry now.

So, presenting before you: a Leg Warmer that I had knit last year.


Since I wanted to make this extra warm, I have used a combination of Twist stitch pattern and Fair Isle knit for this. The ribbed twisted stitch pattern has the added advantage of stretchiness. And the Fair Isle not only gives a pop of colour, but also gives a double layer of coziness around the knee.
Jan -Dec 2014 131


K: Knit

P: Purl

C2F: Cross 2 Front. Knit into front of 2nd stitch on needle, then knit first stitch, slipping both stitches  off needle at the same time.


K1, P1. Repeat across the row.

P1, K1 across the back of the work.

 Twist stitch Pattern:

Row1: P2, *C2F,K2, P2*. Repeat from * to *

Row2: K2, *P4, K2*. Repeat from * to *

Row3: P2, *K1, C2F, K1, P2*. Repeat from * to *

Row4 : K2, *P4, K2*. Repeat from * to *

Row 5: P2, *K2, C2F, P2*. Repeat from * to *

Row6 : K2, *P4, K2*. Repeat from * to *Jan -Dec 2014 132

If you are not conversant with the C2F technique,Here is a wonderful video tutorial by Purl Avenue to help you out.

Fair Isle Pattern

The pretty floral Fair Isle pattern used here is from the lovely Stranded Sweater Panel by #define design.



  • Bottom circumference (at ankle)-18cm
  • Top circumference (at the knee)-30 cm
  • Length -52 cm approx


Knitting Instructions (make two)

  1. CO 61stitches.
  2. K in rib for 19 rows.
  3. Row 20 (Wrong side): P increasing 10 stitches evenly across the row. 71 stitches.
  4. Start Twist Stitch Pattern
  5. Continue in this pattern for the next 90 rows repeating the twist stitch pattern 15 times.
  6.  Every 8th row: Taking care to keep the pattern correct, increase 1 stitch at both ends of the needle. Total increase 2 stitches every 8th row. Continue this increase until there are a total of 90 stitches on the needle. Then continue with the repeating Twist stitch pattern.
  7. Knit the 25 rows of the Fair Isle pattern.
  8. Knit 14 rows in rib.
  9. Bind off rib wise for extra stretchiness.
  10. Sew sides together.

Jan -Dec 2014 133

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Some Handmade Cards

Third week into the Creative Every Day-Project 365 🙂

And I found myself doodling some simple Indian motifs on some handmade cards.

Pictures are really not doing justice to the cards, which came out to be quite attractive and vibrant

This slideshow requires JavaScript.

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Doodled Expressions

It has been a recent revelation to me that I am a reasonably decent doodler 😉

So here I am doodling away to glory! 🙂 🙂 🙂



Doodle in pen and water color



Meditative practice on watercolor background



Some decorative alphabets



An attempt at painting using watercolor pencils



This is begining to become my favourite form of doodles and in all probability, I am going to be doodling many more heena motifs in the future as well 🙂 🙂 🙂

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Doodling Away to Happiness


Sample a few of my ‘Doodles’






wpid-IMG_20130720_214408.jpgWatercolor is my Waterloo 😦

Although this one turned out to be reasonably ok, but it is always difficult for me too over come my phobia of watercolor. Perhaps, naming it a ‘Doodle’ takes the pressure off me and I start practicing with less aprrehension.

Thats a huge step forward. Won’t you agree? 😉




But why is it all red, you might wonder?

So do I!

Why, on Earth, did I use a red ink for this one!!!!!


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Creative Every Day


It has been my on-going attempt to incorporate crafting into my daily routine. My knitting and crochet (K/C) projects usually take quite a few days to finish, if not days. But once I finish a K/C project, I usually need a breather. Not because I am tired or anything. But planning for the next project takes time. Searching for the project that appeals to me is the most exhausting and at times traumatic phase of the entire process. For periods such as these, doodling comes in handy for me. I discover that I have quite a talent for doodling. 😉 😉 😉 It definitely does whole lot of good for my frayed nerves.


Recycled CD Art

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