Hufflepuff Scarf – in the round


Last year, I had hatched a plan to use  my daughter’s Pottermania to lure my daughter into knitting.

I started a scarf simple enough for a beginner which was basically just a tube knit in rounds entirely  in stockinette stitch. In the end, it so turned out that I ended up knitting up about 80% of the scarf with Shreeya contributing a few rows as and when she could.

But it was a fun altogether and both of us enjoyed the process. On hindsight, I have to acknowledge that knitting this scarf was so much fun for ME that I ended up knitting more than I intended to.

Mea Culpa.

In my own excitement, I did not give my daughter sufficient opportunity to knit the scarf. 😉

So, I offer the pattern of this scarf here. If not my daughter, then this pattern might prove useful to some other beginner. Or maybe like me, some other experienced knitter in need for  a pattern for some mindless knitting might make use of these notes.

Only thing a bit tricky in this pattern is knitting stripes. To get jogless stripes while knitting in the round, followed the trick of slipping the first stitch of the color change round. I found this trick here. And I suggest that you too, should practice this technique before starting this scarf to get a truly  seamless finish.


Yarn : Fingering weight or 4ply yarn.  

I have used Ganga Acro Baby Pearls (8 balls 25 gm each)

Main color (MC):       Yellow 150 grams  6 balls Shade #63

Contrast color (CC):  Black  50 gms  2 balls Shade #29

 Needles:3.25 mm 16 inches circular

 Hook :to add fringe

 Finished size:

72 inches by 8 inches +4  inches fringe


Cast on 80 stitches in MC

Knit in rounds. Follow the color scheme given below to create the Trapped band pattern.

 MC 42 rows

CC 6 rows

MC 8 rows

CC 6 rows

Repeat these 62 rows as per your preference of the length of the scarf

Knit MC 42 rows to end.

Cast off and add fringe to the scarf to finish off.

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